1997 Nissan 200SX SE-R Turbo

1997 Nissan 200SX SE-R
HotShot Turbo Kit Installation

GReddy Profec B Boost Controller Installation

The GReddy Profec B boost controller is a dual range controller. Two boost levels can be set from the in-dash controller. A press of a button on the controller switches from one boost level to the other and back.

Profec B Boost Controller Mounting and Vacuum Line ConnectionsThe Profec B Boost Control Motor was mounted on the original air box mounting plate. It required drilling two holes. The mounting hardware was provided with the kit (although the flat washers had to be drilled out to fit the screws provided).

The manual said to mount the motor in the coolest part of the engine compartment, but this was the only place I could find where it would fit easily.

Vacuum Connections and Firewall Openings for Profec B ControllerThe vacuum connections were taken from the intake plenum connection to the charcoal cannister as shown. A plastic 1 to 3 splitter was used to distribute the vacuum.

Two 1/2 inch holes were drilled in the firewall for the vacuum hose and electrical connection to the Profec B Controller. A rubber grommet was placed in the hole to protect the hose and wire from being cut by the sharp metal edge.

Profec B Console PlacementThe controller (blue) was installed in the console below the turbo timer. It is a tight fit and they are held in by friction.

The wiring requires 12v and ground. I wired them in the same place as for the turbo timer.

Adjusting the Boost Controller

Originally, I had the waste gate set to the maximum for the supplied spring, 6.5#. I turned the adjustment to the minimum 4.5# for use with the boost controller. I wanted the low range to be 6# and the high range to be 9#.

Following the procedure in the manual, I pushed on the low range adjustment, and it popped out. I then got on the expressway and, when traffic was clear, I opened it up and turned the adjustment up until the boost gauge read 6#. Then I pulled over and popped out the sensitivity adjustment (on the left). I waited for traffic, and accelerated hard, watching the boost level. It went to 6# and stayed there until it shifted when the boost spiked to 6.5# and came back down immediately. I adjusted the sensitivity clockwise 1/8 turn and tried again. It went to 6# and remained steady through the gears. I then repeated this with the high boost adjustment. The boost was erratic during acceleration from a standstill, varying between 9# and 10.5#. I lowered the sensitivity, and it steadied out. I then checked the low boost setting, and it spiked a bit when shifting, but I was willing to accept that since it was not spiking over 6.5#.

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Updated 24November2003